A Mom's Guide to Easy Meals Out With Baby!

Posted by Catherine on

Moms, let's face it, a daily three meal prep and clean-up schedule, day after day can be exhausting! By the time you clean up after breakfast you start cooking for lunch and by the time you are done cleaning up the lunch mess it is time to start making dinner!

Taking the family out initially seems like such a great idea but then you think about the logistics and you wonder, is it worth it? The answer is YES! A much needed break can be one hundred percent worth it, even if you are bringing along your little ones.

Here is our ultimate stress-free guide to easy meals out with baby!

  • Try to schedule a lunch or dinner out at less busy restaurant times like an earlier (11:30 am lunch) or dinner (4:30-5 pm is a great time before the dinner crowds).
  • Choose more lively places that mask any baby screams. Whether they are joy screams or distraught screams, as moms, we are always self-conscious about adding noise to any venue.
  • Have a set of small, easy to clean, toys that is exclusively for meals out so that your little ones will be impressed over the newness of the toys.
  • Do clean eating surfaces and high chairs with disinfecting wipes. You would be amazed how many invisible critters are hanging out.
  • When the host brings the ever so helpful paper and crayons be engaged with your little ones by helping them color. My kids were always happy doing big circles, little circles over and over again!
  • If the restaurant doesn't offer bread, order a light appetizer to keep your finger food eating baby busy until the main meal is ready.
  • Don't have the server bring out the kid's food early. They will be done before you and you won't be able to eat your meal peacefully!
  • Don't worry so much about the mess (most restaurants are used to it). However, if you are concerned, bucket bibs are life savers. Try ours, they are extra soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin.
  • If you need to take a little walk while waiting for the food go for it! No shame in getting up a few times to distract busy babies!
  • Bring lots and lots of wet wipes!
  • Enjoy your meal out and especially enjoy not having to clean up!! You deserve it!

Try our take-along bib and placemat set for the ultimate stress-free meal out! Bucket bib to catch the mess, placemat for a big, clean eating surface and washable bag to carry your set! Compact and easily fits into diaper bag or purse!