Dynamic Stretching During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Stretching

Skip the Pain, Enjoy Some Fun Stretching

These gentle movements can help keep your body elastic and strong during pregnancy. Dynamic stretching can be a safer alternative to regular stretching as it promotes more subtle stretching movements while warming up the muscle structure at the same time. These exercises may also help tone pelvic floor muscles which can be extremely important during delivery. Always check with your doctor first before starting any exercise program. 

Perform these gentle movements throughout pregnancy, two to three times a day. Not only does these movements feel great but they can also help relieve a lot of the tightness and uncomfortable stiffness that comes with a growing belly and evolving body.

Dynamic Dancer

With a straight back draw heel of one leg toward buttocks and reach back with hand on same side to touch heel. Simultaneously, raise opposite arm and reach up over head. Keep trunk vertical, do not extend back or allow pelvis to rotate forward. Repeat with alternate leg. Perform set of 20 and repeat twice. You can also do these through out the day any time you are feeling stiff.

Step 1

Stand straight with hands at sides.

Step 2

Draw heel of one leg toward buttocks and reach back with hand on same side to touch heel. Simultaneously raise opposite arm and reach up over head.

Step 3

Go back to standing pose and repeat with alternate leg.

Hamstring Kick-Out

Walk forward and kick out each of your legs alternately. Reach your opposite hand out to the extended shin or foot. Make sure that you kick your leg straight forward. Your supporting leg should stay slightly bent, and you should stay on the toes of your support foot.

Knee Huggers

With your arms straight out walk forward and bring one knee up toward your chest and touch your knee to your hand. Switch sides and keep moving forward.

Half Wall Squat

With your back against a wall and legs slightly out, slowly bend your knees and come down about half way (not a full squat). Come back up and repeat. Remember to go slowly and taking care that you are not placing excessive strain on your knees.

*Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition program*

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