Visibility During Family Evening Walks

Posted by Catherine on

Walking in the evenings, especially after dinner, is great way to stay healthy and promote quality family time with your little ones.  Studies suggest that it can also help you digest and sleep better. 

Night walking, however, requires you to think about visibility, especially in areas without streetlights. Lights and reflective gear are a great way to make increase visibility. Vehicles may not always be approaching at an angle where headlights will illuminate reflective gear, so wearing or carrying lights or strobes can add an additional layer of visibility.

My family walks regularly at night, with our kids in our double stroller, and we never leave the house without our stroller lights. Flashing lights can be a great option by drawing even more attention. 

The CDC estimated that more than 5,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes per year.  Most of these accidents occur in urban, non-intersection areas, and at night.

We love our Fireflies Stroller Lights. They have three modes (full light, flash, or slow flash) and they fit any stroller frame and can also be used on bikes, scooters, or anything that moves! Happy healthy walking!

Stroller Lights Visibility during night walks