Warm Hands and Cool Gear Please

Posted by Catherine on

Fall 2016. Sunniva had turned one a few months earlier and little did her mom know that she was on her way to becoming a passionate explorer of the outdoors. As the leaves began to fall and the air became crisp, little cold fingers began to hinder outdoor time. After hours of research and many mitten purchases, frustration set in. There was no winter mitten for little hands that allowed Sunniva to explore the outdoors in her special way. We needed a mitten that was warm and waterproof yet still allowed little hands the ability to pick up leaves and tiny seeds shed by sleeping plants. After two years of development, prototyping, and testing, FoxPaws were born. To all the little explorers and their parents, we hope your winter is a little better with these toddler approved winter mittens.
Engineered and developed by a mom and proudly made in the U.S.A.