Winter Walk Activities for Toddlers

Posted by Catherine on

It's never too early for kids to learn about the seasons and the changing natural environment that surrounds them. One of my daughter's favorite activities from the time she was one was walking. Rain or shine, warm or cold, we were and still are outdoors. Here are some fun activities to incorporate on your next winter walk.

Winter nature collage craft. Grab a tote and go for a walk. You will be amazed the bountiful array of natural craft supplies that you will find. Seeds shed by sleeping plants and trees, twigs covered in moss, leaves still looming from late fall, pine cones shed by majestic pines, a maybe even a few winter flowers popping up here and there. After you have collected an array of nature's supplies, you can begin gluing, coloring, and painting on either a large watercolor paper pad or a poster board.  Make critter faces with seeds, leaves, and sticks or create a winter scene of trees and plants. Animal stickers are also fun to add to the craft. 

Winter nature exploration. Start with color exploration. Ask your toddler if they notice that some plants are brown, and some are green. They can easily begin to distinguish the difference between evergreen and deciduous plants and trees.  Look for wildlife living in larger trees.  You will be surprised by how much you can find by doing a little extra looking in some inconspicuous places.

Bug and wildlife search. In the summer, it's easy to spot bees, ladybugs, butterflies, and all sorts of other little critters.  Turn your winter walk into a critter scavenger hunt and find bugs and critters that you normally wouldn't find in the summertime.  Snails and worms slithering on sidewalks after a rainstorm, squirrels searching for nuts, birds hunting for food. 

Most importantly, keep exploring the outdoors year-round, your kids will love the outdoor time and it gives them a great opportunity to learn about nature during the cold months. Some studies suggest that giving kids the opportunity to play outdoors in all types of weather may help them become more resilient.

For you winter walks, don't forget to keep little hands warm. You can check out our new mitten design that allows little ones to keep exploring in the cold here.