About us

Our Company

We are DynaTot. Our goal is to create thoughtful and innovative products for moms and kids. We find solutions to make each day a little bit more fun by engineering and manufacturing quality gear so that moms and kids can keep moving, rain or shine. 

Our Commitment to All Kids

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity for safe, outdoor play. For every ten mittens sold, DynaTot donates one pair to a child in need.  A portion of our profits go to organizations serving children and youth.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Catherine, mom of two and founder of DynaTot. My passion is designing and creating genuine products for everyday life. 

When I became a mom, I realized that the single most valuable experience that I could offer my kids was the opportunity to play outdoors. It all began with an idea that time spent outdoors, in all types of weather, may help kids become more resilient. In an era when it is so easy to turn on the TV or iPad, our goal is to inspire the art of outdoor play. 

It is our honor to bring DynaTot gear to you and your little ones. From mittens that easily slip-on, stay-on, and still allow kids to use their hands, to take-along feeding gear for less embarrassing restaurant outings, stroller safety lights for evening walks and summer knee protectors to help stop scraped knees, we believe that our products are the missing element in modern parenting. We will only offer you the best products that have been carefully researched, developed, and tested and that we use daily ourselves.  We hope you enjoy our innovative products and that they help keep you and your little ones moving, rain or shine.

Questions, comments? We would love to hear from you. E-mail us at info@dynatot.com